DIY Montreal | Welcome Canadian DIY project addicts

I love to build and try new things. Every project I work on seems to be a first - whether it be the first time I use a specific tool or the first time I try a given technique. My goal is to experiment and learn from my experiences, then share them with you! Join me as I create furniture, lighting, home decor and provide tips and tricks along the way. Looking for a custom built piece? Visit the contact page to request a free quote!

Furniture projects

Build your own custom furniture for a fraction of the price

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Home Decor

Simple creative ideas to transform your home with style

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Shop Projects

Workshop projects, Jigs, Tool enhancements and more

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DIY Montreal is all about creative do-it-yourself projects using salvaged materials like plaster lath, reclaimed wood, or antique fixtures. When we’re not upcycling, we’re creating unique rustic and industrial looking pieces that fit great in antique and modern homes alike.