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Hi! I’m Marie. I’m a DIY enthusiast and a self-taught woodworker. Well actually, I’m more of a DIY addict and an amateur woodworker if we’re being honest. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a deep curiosity for understanding how stuff is made and figuring out how I can make it myself.

The funny thing is that I remember my brother buying me a giant toolbox one Christmas, and I wondered to myself What on earth was he thinking? But I guess he knew even before I did that one day I would have a shop full of tools.

While I wish writing about DIY projects and making how-to YouTube videos was my full time job, I also have a full time career as a market researcher in the pharmaceutical industry. I’m also passionate about cycling and hockey, but these days woodworking takes up most of my time.

I live in Montreal, Canada, where I work on my projects out of my small garage shop. While I’ve been DIYing for a long time, I decided to launch diymontreal.com in August 2016 in order to share my projects with other DIY enthusiasts like me. Then, just recently in 2017, I started a YouTube channel.

If you’re interested, here are all the platforms where you can find me:

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Subscribe to get notified about my new projects and videos by email

I’d love to hear your project ideas, or comments on my stuff. Feel free to send me an email through the contact page.